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Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE

This blog is all about the new and latest Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE and Dubai. Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 came in only one variant, which is Ferrari Monza SP1 2023. This variant is equipped with a 6.5-liter petrol engine and an auto-shift manual transmission. While Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE and Dubai is AED 6,606,000 for the top of the variant.

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE

The below table shows the latest and new Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE and Dubai with specifications.

Ferrari Monza SP1 20236.5L, 596 hp, Auto-Shift ManualAED 6,606,000
Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price Table

Note: The Latest Price was updated on 01 January 2023

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Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Overview

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE and SP2 are the forerunners of a brand-new concept called “Icona,” which draws inspiration from some of the most memorable vehicles in the company’s past to develop a new category of limited-edition special automobiles for customers and collectors. The goal is to reimagine a classic design with a contemporary look, cutting-edge technology, and the best performance attainable through ongoing innovation.

The figures for fuel use and CO2 emissions were calculated in accordance with the version of European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in effect at the time of type approval. The WLTP cycle is used to calculate fuel usage and CO2 emissions. An automobile that appears to have been shaped by the wind. It is the simplicity of the style cues that stands out—a future design that pays reverent but nostalgic reverence to the past.

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE engine is a direct descendant of the 812 Superfast, with improved intake duct fluid dynamics for even greater performance. Underneath the driver’s side aero screen of the Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE, the Virtual Wind Shield is simply an aerodynamic channel with an aerofoil-shaped upper portion. The air intake under the aero screen receives some of the air flowing over the bonnet, which is then accelerated and diverted vertically in front of the instrument panel.

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE’s major goal is to provide a driving experience unlike anything you’ve ever had, and it largely succeeds in doing so. Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE vehicle feels even more agile around a bend than its already lean dimensions might imply because of its rigid chassis and all-wheel steering that it acquired from the 812 Superfast.

Although over 40 mph, the engine noise is replaced by the sound of wind rushing past your ears, the lack of a front windscreen and the induction sound from that V12 engine combine to offer one of the most intense driving experiences you can have on four wheels. The RWD 812 on which it is based has certain characteristics on the road, but there is a clear emphasis on cornering performance, which results in a harsher ride.

The enormous forged wheels are also not very helpful. However, comfort was definitely not a top concern given the lack of a windscreen. It’s one of the finest tracking tools for keeping track of things. One of the most powerful and best-sounding V12 engines to ever leave the Ferrari stable is the one utilized in Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE.

Ferrari Prices in UAE 2023

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This causes what is described as a “highly energetic upwash” to be generated, which diverts the flow over the driver’s head and creates a low-speed bubble around the cockpit. As a result, the vehicle has absolute balance and no roll at all for handling, which is nearly unimaginable and uncompromising for a sports car. The absence of windscreen pillars leaves the driver’s field of vision entirely unrestricted, allowing them to approach bends with a freedom they can only find in a Formula 1 car.

Thus, the driver may experience engaging and satisfying sports car reactions on winding roads since the car is never challenging to drive but always rewarding. According to Giovanni Canestrini, a renowned Italian auto journalist, Gianni Agnelli, then the head of Fiat, said, “That’s not a vehicle, that’s a Barchetta!” after witnessing the new Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE.

This description has stuck with it ever since. He must have been mesmerized by it since he bought one with a deep metallic blue finish over sea green underneath the body crease line to give it a more boat-like appearance. A rear-wheel-drive system receives 799 horsepower and 530 lb-ft of torque from this 65-degree 6.5L naturally-aspirated V12 that is positioned up front through an F1 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Despite having a normally aspirated engine, Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE nevertheless has more power than Aston Martin’s twin-turbo V12 Speedster, which only generates 690 horsepower. Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Price in UAE can soar from 0-62 mph in a reported 2.9 seconds, race to 124 mph in only 7.9 seconds, and cruise on to a spectacular 188 mph peak speed thanks to a comparatively low curb weight and all the power available.

The drawback is that the magnificent noise the V12 makes is virtually undetectable in an open cockpit over 40 mph, which seems almost criminal considering how great it sounds to everyone else you’ll pass.

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Exterior and Interior

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Specifications

Engine & Transmission 
Engine Capacity6496 cc
Engine TypeV12 – 65°
Fuel TypePetrol
Drive TypeRear wheel drive
TransmissionF1 seven-speed dual-clutch
Power596 kW (810 CV) at 8500 RPM
Torque719 Nm at 7000 RPM
Acceleration2.9 s (0-100 km/h)
Top Speed300 km/h
Fuel Consumption16.1 L/100KM
Fuel Tank Capacity90 L
CO2 Emission366 G/KM
Vehicle TypeSports
Seating Capacity2 Seats
Dimensions (L x W x H)(4657 x 1996 x 1155) mm
Wheelbase2720 mm
Kerb Weight1500 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity90 L
Suspension, Brakes & Wheels
Suspension (Front)Double wishbone
Suspension (Rear)Multi-Link
Brakes (Front)Ventilated disc
Brakes (Rear)Ventilated disc
Rim Size20″
Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Specifications

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Pros and Cons

  • One of the most authentic driving experiences available.
  • Epic V12 motor.
  • Exclusiveness is expected.
  • Look at it, please!
  • Only one can fit inside.
  • Accessing one will be challenging.
  • There is no consideration for practicality.
  • Almost no comfort amenities are present.
  • US roads are not open to it.
  • The pedestrian speeds drown out the motor.

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Fuel Average

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 is equipped with a 6.5-liter petrol engine and an auto-shift manual transmission, so you may get a fuel economy average of around 16.1 liters per 100 kilometers.

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Colors

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 is available in three different colors, which are listed below:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Grey

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Competitors

Aston Martin V12 Speedster and McLaren Elva are the main and direct competitors of Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 in UAE and Dubai.

FAQ about Ferrari Monza SP1 2023

What is the price of Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 in UAE?

The price of Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 in UAE and Dubai starts from AED 6,606,000 for the top of the variant.

What is the fuel average of Ferrari Monza SP1 2023?

The fuel average of Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 is around 16.1 liters per 100 kilometers.

What is the Ferrari Monza SP1?

Ferrari Monza SP1, together with the Monza SP2, are the forerunners in a new concept, known as ‘Icona’ (Icon), which taps into a leitmotif of the most evocative cars in the company’s history to create a new segment of special limited series cars for clients and collectors.

How much does a Ferrari SP1 weigh?

Ferrari SP1 weighs in at 1,500kg dry.

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Rating!

Exterior - 8.8
Interior - 8.6
Engine and Transmission - 9.2
Fuel Average - 8
Safety - 8.8
Price - 8.4


Total Score

Ferrari Monza SP1 2023 Average Review Rating!

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